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Long Live the Intifada': Watch Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block Brooklyn Bridge Path, Sling Flag From Manhattan Bridge


A group of several hundred pro-Palestinian protesters managed to shut down large portions of the pedestrian pathway on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City on Wednesday making it nearly impossible for bicycle commuters and tourists visiting from around the world to traverse the iconic span.

Simultaneously another group of protesters apparently managed to illegally hang an enormous banner bearing an image of the Palestinian flag from the Manhattan Bridge less than a mile North on the East River. That flag was removed by the New York City Police Department shortly after it was unfurled.

Although dozens of police officers patrolled the bridges and water below, they appeared unable to control the crowd which resonated with calls for the renewal of "intifada" and "resistance."

Watch Exclusive Blaze Video of the Protests on the Iconic Bridges:

The protest, officially dubbed "March for Palestine," appears to have been organized by local supporters of the Palestinian people. An appeal for $1000 to craft flags and purchase supplies was posted and met on the social fundraising site indiegogo.com. The protest was also mentioned by the New York Times in its highly popular New York Today post on Wednesday morning.

Organizers of the event explained the march was necessary to combat genocide which they say is occurring in the Gaza Strip at the hands of the Israeli military during the ongoing conflict.

"Recently we acted because we could not be silent in the face of clear genocide," read the statement, posted to IndieGogo. "[I]srael’s ethnic cleansing project is ongoing and Palestine and its people are surely at risk."

The appeal for funds did not address Hamas's repeated calls for the destruction of Israel or its charter's appeal for the death of Jews worldwide.

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