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When a Fan Asked Mike Rowe If He Lives in a Mansion, He Posted These Pics From His Apartment as Proof He Doesn't


"It’s the same one I’ve come home to for the last 14 years."

(Source: Facebook)

Mike Rowe has become champion for the common man following his stint with "Dirty Jobs," and on Wednesday he reiterated why he's such a hit with America when he posted some pictures showing how he lives following an inquiry from a fan.

"Please tell us truthfully that you 1. Don't live in a mansion, 2. that you've made and eaten Kraft Macaroni Cheese in the past year, 3. that you've driven around to find a parking spot so you don't pay for parking at a sporting event and 4. You haven't pulled a Dan Patrick and dropped celeb names you've met or hung with in an attempt to score with someone," the fan identified as Kucera wrote.

So what did Rowe do? Sure he answered the questions, but he also posted some pictures:

(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)

(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)

According to Rowe's response, he's never owned a mansion (although he's sat in one once), and his "current apartment is very modest, relative to the zip code." He lives in San Francisco.

"It’s the same one I’ve come home to for the last 14 years," he explained. "With the exception of a small smokestack that partially obscures Treasure Island and Alcatraz, the view is the best thing about it."

You can see his full response to all the questions as well as more pictures over at Rowe's Facebook page.

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