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Professor Breaks Down Why He Believes America's University System Negatively Impacts Liberal Students

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Colleges and universities have long been criticized by conservatives for being bastions of liberal perspective. And while some might assume that this dynamic puts right-of-center students at a disadvantage, Penn State University political science professor Matthew Woessner has a very different take on the matter.

He argues in a new video published by Prager University, a conservative learning portal, that liberal students, like everyone else, attend college to receive an education, but that they end up only having their views reinforced instead of being led or challenged to question their own contentions.

Woessner argued that conservatives, on the other hand, are continuously forced to examine their worldview based on what more liberal professors throw their way.

"Students who enter conservative tend to remain conservative and students who enter liberal tend to remain liberal," Woessner said, claiming, though, that it is left-of-center students who really end up losing out. "They rarely, if ever, have their views challenged. If the point of college is to expose students to diverse world views, then college experience for liberal students is sadly lacking."

Image source: YouTube Professor Matthew Woessner says liberal students lose out (Image source: YouTube)

And students without a formed ideology are shortchanged, according to Woessner, who said that they are "pushed toward a left-leaning worldview" — the only worldview being offered at many colleges and universities.

Despite noting that his research backs up claims of liberalism on college campuses and among professors, Woessner did say that the picture isn't as dire as some might assume.

"On the surface ... it certainly appears that the odds are stacked againast college students receiving anything but a left wing indoctrination," he said. "But the picture is not so grim as it might appear."

The professor went on to note that some departments and academic fields do have some conservatives on staff, despite being dominated by liberal professors.

Watch Woessner break it all down below:

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