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This Is What Happens When You Rig a Leaf Blower to a Piece of Insulation Board


"Everybody is a little giddy the first time they see it."

Image source: YouTube

A video shows a kid squealing in delight as he sits aboard his own hovercraft cruising down the middle of a residential street.

While, some on Reddit have called the experimental gadget "proper dad work," the creator takes the compliments but corrects that it is actually the result of "granddad" work.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Watch the kid ride the hovercraft like it's a giant Roomba:

That was version 2.0 of the hovercraft. Check out this video of version 1.0 to get a look at the lift the machine has compared to when it's shut off:

Rigging together a 56-volt cordless leaf blower and a circle of polystyrene insulation board, the Redditor going by icehole, who goes by Papa on YouTube, designed the set up based on a proof of concept. The whole board is tethered to a string so the craft doesn't go travel out of control.

"Everybody is a little giddy the first time they see it. Especially the little ones. We're in our 60s and my wife laughed like a little girl when she road it," icehole wrote on Reddit.

While the getup can pull a fully grown man, though the pavement feels a bit rough, he wrote, it's ideal for a 50 to 60 pound kid.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

While many in the YouTube comments have blasted the grandfather for not requiring at least a helmet as protective gear — some went so far as to call it child abuse — icehole wrote on Reddit that they're now using bike helmets.

Icehole gives some rudimentary, step-by-step instructions for how he created the hovercraft on Imgur and wrote on Reddit that he's drafting more formal instructions.

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