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Watch Surf Legend's Big Week in Malibu: Laird Hamilton Takes 'Epic' Ride, Saves Surfer's Life


“Surfer... shoots the pier at the end with at least double overhead set. EPIC!”

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Surfers tend to avoid solid objects in the water like rocks, reef and especially enormous wooden piers—like the one jutting into the ocean in Malibu, California.

A gnarly collision can mean a snapped board, serious injury or even death.

But on Tuesday, as the giant swell generated by offshore storm Hurricane Marie continued to slam the West Coast, surf legend Laird Hamilton took what was described as the "largest wave of the day" straight toward that historic jetty.

'Epic': Hamilton 'Shoots' the Malibu Pier

"Laird Hamilton rides largest wave of the day," reads the video's description. "Surfer rides the wave at least 400 yards and then shoots the pier at the end with at least double overhead set. EPIC!"

The ride was also captured by a drone overhead. The waves were so large, authorities actually closed the pier out of an abundance of caution, according to the Los Angeles Times.

And Again...From a Drone's POV:

But Hamilton's epic ride would not be the last time the famous big wave rider found himself in the news this week.

The following day, Wednesday, Hamilton headed down to the beach for an early morning surf, according to KABC-TV, a local affiliate, when he encountered a fellow surfer in distress.

The 50-year-old surf legend threw on a pair of fins and fought his way into 15-foot waves to helped the man swim to shore, according to KABC-TV.

Watch Hamilton Described How He Saved a Fellow Surfer From the Mighty Swell

Of course, Hamilton wasn't the only surfer who brought his best game out to the historic swell.

Another video appeared on YouTube showing surfer Jamie O'Brien perform a rare "transfer" maneuver in which he began the wave on one board and finished on another.

You'll have to watch carefully to see how he pulled off this stunt.

Watch Surfer Pull Off a Rare 'Transfer' on Enormous Hurricane Wave:

Of course, the huge waves have not all been fun and games. Local media reports hundreds have been rescued along the California coast and at least one surfer perished. In addition several structures including the Malibu Pier were damaged.

Check out KABC-TV's livestream of the historic waves rolling into the nearby Laguna Beach area.

Check Out the Photos and Videos of the Historic Swell Slamming the West Coast:

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