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This Town Is Trying to Raise Two Billion Canadian Dollars for a Project That Would Put NASA to Shame


Vulcan, Canada.

Image via YouTube

Step aside, NASA.

One small town in Alberta, Canada, is aiming to warp past modern spacefaring technology by building a working science fiction relic: the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

Vulcan, Canada, may only have about 2,000 residents, but the town has apparently long been a hub of Star Trek-related tourism, and earlier this month, Vulcan launched an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to support the construction of the iconic starship.

The amount they're after: 2 billion Canadian dollars.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

As of Saturday morning, the ambitious project had only raised CA$2,477 — roughly 0.0001 percent of the goal — but with 36 days left to go in the fundraising campaign, who knows what could happen.

If Vulcan manages, somehow, to raise the targeted amount of money, the working Enterprise should be completed by 2058, according to the Indiegogo info page.


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