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Video: Palestinians' Disturbing Answers When Asked What They Think of the Holocaust
Image source: YouTube

Video: Palestinians' Disturbing Answers When Asked What They Think of the Holocaust

"All respect to Hitler."

"All respect to Hitler."

That’s the response from one Palestinian man in a video asking people in the West Bank what they know about the Holocaust.

Corey Gil-Shuster, the host of the “Ask an Israeli/Ask a Palestinian Project” on YouTube, encountered Palestinians who said the Jews have exaggerated the number killed by the Nazis; accused Israel of behaving like Nazi Germany; and even offered praise for Adolf Hitler, according to the video's translation.

While the translations voiced by the video's interpreter are rough and incomplete, they seem to give a glimpse of Palestinian views of the Holocaust. (TheBlaze has not independently verified the translations, and is presenting paraphrased thoughts expressed by the interviewees as heard on the video.)

Gil-Shuster, who moved to Israel from Canada, presented himself as a Canadian on the streets of Ramallah and Nablus, where admitting he is Israeli could be dangerous. One interviewee, a man named Mohammed, insisted that only 100,000 Jews were killed in the Holocaust, but that Jews continue to exaggerate and say it was 6 million.

A man identified as Ahmed was quoted as saying, "All respect to Hitler," and that he wanted to kill Jews because they occupy Palestinian land.

Amani, a woman in Ramallah, repeated a theme often seen in anti-Semitic social media postings, saying that Hitler left a number of Jews alive in order to let the world know why he burned them. Asked if she thinks Jews are evil, she replied, “Yes, of course.”

Others interviewed accused Israel of behaving like the Nazis.

“They are basically massacring the Palestinians, just like Hitler did to them,” a Palestinian-American woman said in English, “except people had more sympathy for the Jews than they do for the Palestinians, because in American media, they portray the Jews as the ones being hit by the Palestinians.”

Gil-Shuster told the Times of Israel he was “a little shocked at the depth of hate they have for Jews and Israelis. I wanted to yell at them when they answered these things but I don’t want to burn bridges so they will think I have an anti-Palestinian motive to ask questions.”

One man insisted what happened to Palestinians in Gaza was worse than the Holocaust, and asked why the Palestinians had to pay for the suffering the Jews endured under Hitler.

Expressing empathy for Jewish suffering during the Holocaust is a taboo subject among some Palestinians. Earlier this year, a Palestinian professor received threats and criticism after taking his students on an educational trip to Auschwitz.

(H/T: Times of Israel)

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