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Texas Sheriff's Brutal Warning to the Islamic State Should Send a Chill Through Every Terrorist


It doesn’t get any clearer than this....


Appearing on CNN last week, a Texas sheriff sent an undeniably harsh warning to any Islamic State terrorists who have plans to attack the United States.

When CNN’s Don Lemon asked Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter what message he would like to send to the terrorists, he replied, “If they rear their ugly head, we’ll send them to hell.”

It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

CNN Screengrab via CNN

Painter also revealed that he received an alert bulletin warning that Islamic State militants may have a terrorist cell formed near Ciudad Juarez, Mexico — just miles across the border from El Paso, Texas. Law enforcement officers in the area are being advised to be on alert for any suspicious, potential terrorist activity.

The FBI would not comment on reports of the alert bulletin when contacted by the Midland Reporter-Telegram.

Watch the segment via CNN below:

Painter, who worked near the U.S. border for nearly a decade, told CNN that it would be “naive to say” the Islamic State is not in the United States. He criticized the federal government for not doing enough to keep the border secure and the country safe.

Further, he argued that President Barack Obama should respond quickly and harshly to Islamic State aggression. He called on the Obama administration to hit the terrorist group hard in Iraq and Syria.

“What needs to happen is that there needs to be enough bombs dropped on them, that every time they hear a jet propeller they urinate themselves down both legs,” Painter added.

Though the interview aired on Friday, the sheriff's fiery message to Islamic State terrorists was starting to go viral on Tuesday.

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