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I Lost My Mind Over These Kids': Struggling Dad Turns to Crime, Gets Arrested, Then Delivers This Message on TV


"If kids is watching this, ya'll get this through ya'll heads..."

Image via KFOR-TV

Cops said he slapped on a blonde wig, stabbed a taxi driver and stole the taxi, then led police on a car chase around Oklahoma City before they caught up to him. As he was being led away in handcuffs, he confessed his crimes to a camera crew.

He also had a little advice for young people.

"If kids is watching this, y'all get this through y'all heads," Michael Patton said in front of KOKH-TV's camera. "Don't do no crime, or you will do the time."

Image via KFOR-TV Image via KFOR-TV

Patton, 30, said it was his kids who drove him to commit the crime in the first place.

Patton told KFOR-TV he has 11 kids and one more on the way, but lacked money to take care of his growing brood.

“I didn’t have no money so this is what I had to do,” he said. “I messed up, but remember I take care of my kids no matter what.”

The taxi driver Patton allegedly stabbed was not critically injured, KFOR reported.

“He stabbed me,” the driver, Shahid Mian, told KFOR. “He wanted to try and kill me, and he said get out of the cab so I got out.”

Police said Patton wore a blonde wig during the carjacking, stealing the cab and then wrecking it.

Image via KFOR-TV Image via KFOR-TV

Patton blamed the pressures of fatherhood for his criminal activity.

“I confess to my sins and I’m gonna do my time,” he said. “I got a degree. I was going to school to be a cop, but I lost my mind over these kids.”

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