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We Guarantee You've Never Seen a Fake Punt in a Football Game Like This Before


This is crazy.

(Source: YouTube)

Lost in the shuffle this weekend was the ACC game between Arkansas State and Miami. That's unfortunate, because something happened late in the second quarter that is simply unbelievable.

It was 4th and 5 from the Miami 40-yard-line and Arkansas State decided to try a fake punt. It failed miserably, with the punter throwing an interception. But that's not why the play was so incredible. See, Arkansas State's Booker Mays used a tactic to try and fool the Miami defense that we guarantee you'e never seen before: He played dead.

You read that right, he played dead. Once the ball was snapped, he folded his arms like Dracula and keeled over on his back and laid there.

Unfortunately for him, once he got up, he was clocked by a Miami player.

Watch it unfold below:


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