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When You Realize What Mistake This Allegedly Drunk Mother Is Making, Your Heart May Leap Into Your Throat

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It's the gut-wrenching feeling any parent could imagine: Realizing your small child is in mortal danger — and you're to blame.

Video posted to LiveLeak Tuesday reveals the moment one Australian mother's momentary negligence nearly got her child killed at a Melbourne train station.

It all started when the mother dropped something and bent down to pick it up, temporarily letting go of her child's stroller.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

The stroller began rolling towards the train tracks, and by the time the mother realized her mistake, it was too late.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

The child tumbled onto the tracks, prompting the mother and several bystanders to jump off the platform and go to help.

As they worked, a train pulled into the station but, mercifully, passed on the other side.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

Alcohol played a role in the frightening incident, as 9News Australia reported that police said both of the child's parents were intoxicated on Saturday when the incident occurred.

The two-year-old child survived the debacle, thanks in large part to the work of bystanders who leapt into action.

“Without hesitation I just jumped into the pit to try to help out, do the best I could,” one bystander told 9News. “[The mother] was distressed. The kid was crying. Quite a few other people were concerned."

See the hair-raising video here:

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