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A Motorcycle, Mercedes and Audi All Went Through the Intersection at the Same Time — the Result Was Stunning

Image source: YouTube

It is unclear who was in the wrong in this video of a dangerous-looking accident, but what is clear is that two cars turning left and a motorcycle going perpendicular to them all felt they were in the right of way at the time.

According to a dashcam video taken in late August and posted on YouTube this month, the incident between an Audi, Mercedes and motorcycle occurred in Kaliningrad, Russia (via an unofficial translation). It shows the motorcyclist ramming into one of the cars and cartwheeling up in between the two vehicles before he fell forward onto the pavement.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Watch the dramatic accident:

As the car recording the footage approached the intersection before the accident, it showed the light blinking red, then yellow and then turning green, which could suggest both the cars and the motorcycle were beginning to go through the intersection out of turn. The video description said that the two cars went through the yellow light.

The extent of any injuries in the accident is unknown.

(H/T: Viral Hog)

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