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See the Surprise 16 Israeli Soldiers Got From American Tourists After a Meal


"Dear brothers..."

By the time a big group of Israeli soldiers had finished with their meals, they got a huge surprise from American tourists.

"My brother, a soldier in the navy, went out with 15 of his friends who serve with him in his unit to eat," Daniel Stern wrote on the Jerusalem Post's Facebook page. "They weren't in uniform but they had their guns with them. When they finished eating they discovered that their bill had already been paid by American tourists who also left them this lovely note"

Image source: Facebook Image source: Facebook

The note read:

Dear Brothers,

Thank you. Thank you for your courage, for your service, for your sacrifice. May Hashem bless you and protect you — may all your enemies stumble and miss their mark. Jews all around the world admire you, and are grateful for you.

Be safe,

Your brothers & sisters in America

"Hashem" is a traditional way for Jews to refer to God.

The check's date appears to be from Tuesday. The total — 1,269 shekels in Israeli currency — is just under $349 in U.S. dollars.

(H/T: Jerusalem Post)

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