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The Cops Were Called Over Boy Playing Alone Outside. Then CPS Showed Up & Asked Kids Questions That Left Mom ‘Really, Really Angry.’


"I was humiliated and really angry after that. Really, really angry."

Kari Ann Roy. (Image via KEYE-TV)

A family in Austin, Texas, received a visit from Child Protective Services a few weeks ago after a neighbor spotted a 6-year-old boy playing alone at a nearby park and called the police, KEYE-TV reported.

Kari Anne Roy answered a knock on her door one morning to find that the neighbor had brought her son home. She learned later that the police had also been called.

Kari Ann Roy. (Image via KEYE-TV) Kari Anne Roy. (Image via KEYE-TV)

After police spoke with Roy, CPS got involved, sending someone over to question Roy's three children about how she was raising them.

On her blog, Roy shared the kinds of questions the CPS officer asked her kids:

My kids reported that she asked questions about drugs and alcohol, about pornography, about how often they bathe, about fighting in the home... I understand the need for these questions. I understand CPS investigators have an incredibly difficult job. But the conflict I feel is immense. My children were playing outsidewithin sight of the house, and now my 6yo and 8yo and 12yo have seen their mother spoken to -- multiple times -- as if she, herself, was a child being reprimanded. They have all been questioned, by a stranger, about whether they've ever been shown movies of other people's private parts. And no matter what I say, I can tell that they think they've done something wrong.

The case was closed, marked as a non-event, Roy said, but the fact that her children saw her disrespected — and that they were asked questions about sex that had likely never occurred to them before — was a scarring event for the family.

"I was humiliated and really angry after that. Really, really angry," Roy said.

It seems, in this case, that the vigilant neighbor and the government workers she brought down on the family may have done more harm than good.

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