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Just Watch John Kerry Struggle to Respond When Asked if the U.S. Is 'At War' With the Islamic State


“Mr. Secretary, yes or no: is America at war?”

Secretary of State John Kerry took nearly a minute to answer a yes or no question Thursday when asked if the U.S. is “at war” with the Islamic State.

“Mr. Secretary, yes or no: is America at war?” Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) asked during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Kerry took nearly a minute to meander through a response.

“You know, a lot people are debating this idea of ‘what do you call it? Do you call it “war”? Don’t you call it “war”?’ he rhetorically asked. "Umm, it’s not a war like Iraq … it’s not that kind of war."

"But if you care about what you call it, it is a war similar to what we did with Al Qaeda and terror, and sure, Kerry continued. "What I care about is not what we call it, I care about what we do … if you’re more comfortable calling it a war against this enemy of Islam, then please do so.”

“It’s much more important to focus on how we are going to do it," he concluded.

The Obama administration has come under fire for failing to say the U.S. is at war with the Islamic State, even drawing the ire of liberal comedian Jon Stewart for a "chaotic and confused" message.

(H/T: Daily Surge)

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