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Video Montage Remembers the Media's Wild Speculation About Gov. Chris Christie and 'Bridgegate


"No doubt about it, this is good news for Governor Christie."

via the Newseum

The nine-month federal investigation into allegations that New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie was involved in the notorious "Bridgegate" scandal reportedly turned up no connection between the governor and the 2013 rush hour lane closures on the George Washington Bridge.

During his MSNBC show Thursday, Al Sharpton referred to the announcement "breaking news" and proclaimed, "No doubt about it, this is good news for Gov. Christie."

Image: Screen capture MSNBC Image: Screen capture MSNBC

However, before the results of the investigation were known, many pundits seemed sure Bridgegate would be a career-ender for Christie -- and some even speculated he could face criminal charges.

The crew at put together the following montage displaying the rush to speculation in the media:


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