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Look Closely at This Autographed Baseball. Can You Spot the Glaring Error?


An autograph that at least one man is attributing to St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Kolten Wong has a glaring error — a reference to a Bible verse that doesn't actually exist.

A reader identified as "Chad" recently sent a photo of an autographed baseball to Deadspin with a message that included what he said is Wong's signature and the scriptural reference "Psalms 3:16" under it.

But there's only one problem: the verse in question isn't in the Bible, as the third book of Psalms only contains eight verses.


Chad claimed that the baseball belongs to his friend, though additional information about when it was apparently signed by the player was not given.


Wong, who hasn't commented on the purported error, took to Twitter Friday to announce that he was signing autographs at a sports memorabilia store in St. Louis.

It is unclear whether this is the day the baseball was signed — or if the autograph is even authentic.

(H/T: Deadspin)


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This post has been updated to clarify that it is the third book of Psalms that only contains eight verses.

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