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‘You Know What, You Are Obligated, Get Out Now!’: Man Citing Constitutional Rights Clashes With Police Officer at DUI Checkpoint
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‘You Know What, You Are Obligated, Get Out Now!’: Man Citing Constitutional Rights Clashes With Police Officer at DUI Checkpoint

"Driving's a privilege, not a right!"

Sometimes telling a police officer that he's being recorded is a great way to ensure that the cops don't hassle you.

Sometimes not.

Ryan Scott was driving through DeKalb, Illinois, on Saturday when he came upon a DUI checkpoint.

He decided to record his encounter and post the video to YouTube.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

A few minutes into the video, a police officer approaches Scott's window.

The two engage in what has now become a standard exchange between libertarian activists and police: The officer gives instructions while the person being stopped repeated asks if he is being detained.

But keep your eyes on the second cop that walks by.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

"I'm not obligated to provide [my driver's license] if I'm not being detained," Scott says.

At that point, the second officer takes matters into his own hands.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

"You know what, you ARE obligated, get out now!" the officer yells, ripping open Scott's car door. "Driving's a privilege, not a right!"

Scott protests, keeping his hands in view of the officer and eventually handing over his license and insurance card.

When Scott tries to say that what's happening is unconstitutional, the officer retorts, "This is not unconstitutional!"

When Scott tells the officer he plans to exercise his Fifth Amendment rights, the officer screams, "What does the Fifth Amendment say?"

"That I have the right to remain silent," Scott responds.

"Really?" the officer asks as he slams Scott's door shut. "Are you sure?"

Twice during the video, Scott tells the police that he is recording them.

On Facebook, the reactions to Scott's video have been decidedly mixed, with many people expressing sympathy for the police officer's frustration.

"They were doing a normal safety stop, nothing wrong with that, he didn't need to go all 3rd year law student on them," wrote Brad Delmar. "It was simple, you pull up, give your license and insurance, and be on your way."

Others expressed disappointment in Americans' willingness to give up Constitutional rights.

"Extremely sad how many people don't understand [their] constitutional rights and actually defend the cops abuse of power," wrote Michael Fowler. "We are in control of this country, the police work for us; never forget that."

The Northern Star, Northern Illinois University's student newspaper, reported late Monday that Illinois State Police were reviewing Scott's video, but that it did not initially appear that the police officer violated any policies by yanking open Scott's car door and yelling at him.

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