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Cool video shows the delicate, mid-air refueling of bomb-laden F-16s

Image: YouTube

The U.S. Central Command's (CentCom) YouTube channel is a great place to see the latest videos from our military. It is where many news outlets find the videos seen on television during reports on wars or "kinetic military actions."

On Tuesday, the CentCom channel posted a night vision video that shows in-flight refueling of fighter jets. This event is something that military people consider commonplace. However, to a civilian (like this writer), it is nothing short of amazing.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

The short clip shows a series of F-16s taking turns lining up with the airborne tanker. An illuminated arrow behind the plane's canopy shows the fuel port to the pilot of the KC-135.

After topping off the jet's tank, the planes disengage, and the F-16 is off to complete its mission.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Watch as multiple, fully armed F-16 fighter jets are refueled in mid-air by a massive KC-135 aircraft.


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