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Video Captures NYPD Tackling Pregnant Woman to the Ground (but There's More to the Story)


"Oh my god! She's pregnant."

(Source: Facebook video screen shot)

The NYPD is facing a furious backlash after a video surfaced showing one of its officers wrestling a pregnant woman to the ground in Brooklyn's 72nd Precinct.

The woman was trying to help her son, 17-year-old Jhohan Lemos, resist arrest after he allegedly was carrying a knife. When Lemos' mother, Sandra Amezquita, got involved, police confronted her by wrestling her to the ground. As another woman approached the confrontation, police then pushed her to the ground.

As police proceeded to handcuff Amezquita, one eyewitness can be heard saying, "She broke her arm. You broke her arm." Moments later, a voice that sounds like the same eyewitness can be heard screaming: "Oh my god! She's pregnant."


The incident happened in Sunset Park. The video was later posted on the "El Grito De Sunset Park" Facebook page. Some fans of the page were furious at how the police handled the situation. Others criticized the city's guns and weapons ban. Still others didn't take issue with the officers' behavior.

Facebook user, David Siress, commented, "don't fight with the cops and that wont happen!"

Connie Loren Walker commented, "I support gun rights. This won't stop until we start arming ourselves."

Another, Aaron Tonken, said, "The cops do what they want because they rarely get disciplined for anything so they know they can keep on abusing us citizens..."

Lemos was charged with criminal possession of a weapon. Amezquita was issued a summons by police and Lemos' father, Ronel Lemos, was booked for assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, harassment and obstructing governmental administration, the New York Post reported.

An investigation is underway by the NYPD's Internal Affairs Department, the Post also reported.

(H/T: New York Post)

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