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We Bet Your Eyes Will Get Bigger When You See the Video of a Student Skydive 'Gone Wrong': 'Incredibly Intense Moment


"During an accelerated freefall..."

(Source: Yahoo! video screen shot)

It doesn't take an expert skydiver to realize something goes wrong very quickly in the video below.

In it, you see three skydivers -- one student and two instructors -- jump out of an airplane. The instructors can be seen holding on to the student to make sure he doesn't get out of control. So far, so good.

But quickly, once the instructors let go and let the student fall on his own, he begins to spin and tumble wildly leading to intense moments such as this:

(Source: Yahoo! video screen shot) (Source: Yahoo! video screen shot)

Here's how the video description on Yahoo Canada describes it:

During an accelerated freefall level 3 lesson, this student skydiver named Eugene S. experienced an incredibly tense moment after ending up on his backside.

The credits open with saying it's a dive "gone wrong." Watch:

While an instructor does eventually get to him and he pulls his chute, that doesn't make the footage any less freaky.

Go kiss your significant other and/or kids.

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