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Round Two Between Sean Hannity and Radical Imam Arrested in Terror Raid: 'Come on, Sean…\


"Do you believe that suicide bombers get 72 virgins in heaven if they kill innocent men, women and children?"

(Fox News)

Fresh off his recent arrest in a London counterterrorism raid, controversial Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary faced off with Sean Hannity yet again on Monday night as the two clashed over his “radical Islamic ideology.”

“Rather than argue — you’ve been on the show twice before — how about I ask you a question, I’ll give you 20 seconds uninterrupted to answer,” Hannity began. “First question, you refuse to [condemn] the beheading of innocent people — James Foley, the other individuals that were beheaded by ISIS. My question is very simple, why would you hold innocent people responsible… for something they themselves did not do.”

Choudary argued the information that is disseminated is “biased” and the terrorists holding people hostage are willing to “exchange them.”

“One guy was an aid worker that went to Syria to help innocent children,” Hannity shot back. “I hardly think he was a guy who deserved to have his head chopped off because you believe in a Caliphate.”

(Fox News) (Fox News)

When Hannity asked Choudary if he would ever consider joining and fighting with the Islamic State, the cleric deflected by arguing the Islamic State is made up of several different groups. However, he also said he would be very happy to live under Sharia law.

Wasting no time, Hannity hit Choudary with an extremely blunt question: “Do you believe that suicide bombers get 72 virgins in heaven if they kill innocent men, women and children?”

“Nobody would kill innocent men, women and children,” Choudary replied. “In the battlefield, as you know, people kill each other.”

Listen to the rest of his controversial response via Fox News below:

Later in the segment when Hannity seemingly quoted Choudary's own words, the cleric argued he never really called on people to join the Islamic State and be "proud to be called terrorists."

"I never said that. Come on, Sean," he said. "If terrorism is standing up for Islam and saying that people have a right to defend themselves, then obviously we are happy to be labeled."

Hannity and Choudary got into an intense debate over Islam back in August. Watch that segment here.

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