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Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen Claim You're About to See an Entirely Different Side of Them


"I'm trying to reach people outside the church walls."

Joel and Victoria Osteen, pastors of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, are hoping to bring inspirational messages to an entirely new audience with the launch of a radio channel that they say will show an entirely different side of them.

Pastor Joel Osteen has launched a 24/7 radio station on satellite radio (SiriusXM) Pastor Joel Osteen has launched a 24/7 radio station on satellite radio (SiriusXM)

"Joel Osteen Radio" launched Monday with great fanfare at SiriusXM's New York City headquarters, with the Osteens on hand to answer questions from a small town hall audience, take calls from some of their famous friends and preview the faith-based content that will appear on the 24/7 station.

While "Joel Osteen Radio," which is now accessible on channel 128, will include sermons and other prepared messages and events, it will also offer up an element that Joel and Victoria Osteen have never tried before: live programs that allow individuals and fans to directly interact with the faith leaders.

"It's nice that it's a different side of us, because most of our other stuff is very prepared," Osteen told TheBlaze during a sit-down interview Monday. "I hope they'll get a chance to see just that [we're] real and that there's humor and fun."

Osteen added that his show, which premieres October 6 at 5 p.m. ET — airing at that time every Monday — will feature candid conversations with callers about faith, family, sports and whatever else the public wants to chat about.

Victoria Osteen said that the project is a "stretch," as it constitutes unchartered territory for both her and her husband.

"It's a stretch for us. This is an opportunity that came and it's a stretch," she said, noting that her show, which premieres October 8 and airs at 12 p.m. ET on Wednesdays, will tackle everyday issues. "It's something that we haven't done before and I hope it says something to [show] people that we are real."

In addition to these call-ins, the channel will feature broadcasted services from Lakewood Church and audio from special events like the "Night of Hope," a series of special events hosted in cities around the nation.

"We want to take our message of hope and inspiration to a new audience," Osteen said. "I'm trying to reach people outside the church walls."

Businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump called the Osteens during Monday's launch event to discuss his faith and to offer kind words and well wishes for the station. Hear what he had to say below:

And listen to Oprah also call in and congratulate the couple on the launch of "Joel Osteen Radio":

With the rise of the Islamic State terror group and a plethora of negative headlines, Osteen said that he's hoping his radio outfit can help listeners turn toward their faith and trust more fervently in God.

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