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Ted Nugent's Out With a Vicious Attack on Liberalism: The 'Root Cause' of Forces That 'Decimated and Destroyed Black American Families


"Astonishingly ... the overwhelming majority of black Americans continue to vote for the very political party that has destroyed them."

Image source: TheBlaze TV

Conservative rocker Ted Nugent decried liberalism's “insane cult of denial” as not only the root cause of violent crime committed by blacks, but also the reason why black Americans are worse off under a vastly expanded welfare state.

Image source: TheBlaze TV Image source: TheBlaze TV

In his column for World Net Daily, Nugent fired off his first salvo with an observation about the recent surge of violence in Ferguson, Missouri, specifically noting that while race was front-and-center after police shot unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, race wasn’t mentioned after a Ferguson cop was shot last month.

Nugent wrote:

Based on crime stats in Ferguson and elsewhere, it would be a safe bet to assume the two thugs the police are looking for are black males between the age of 15 and 25.

It would also be a safe bet the two thugs being searched for were raised by a single parent, have criminal records, are high school dropouts, don’t have jobs and are very likely to be members of a gang. Just a random Nuge hunch.

Nugent added that the "overwhelming majority of violent crime across America is conducted by young, black males who, sadly, are on the self-inflicted expressway to prison or an early grave – or more often than not, both."

The "root cause" of this issue is liberalism, he said, adding that its adherents has been behaving as though the problem doesn't exist.

"It is liberalism that engineered and created the very conditions that have decimated and destroyed black American families and their communities," Nugent offered. "Astonishingly and regretfully, the overwhelming majority of black Americans continue to vote for the very political party that has destroyed them."

Nugent then waded into one of his major pet peeves: welfare (or as he put it, "Fedzilla welfare crack"). Nugent wrote that Democrats created lifelong loyal voters by baiting poor black Americans with handouts, which hasn't worked.

To bolster his case, Nugent invoked Christopher Arps of Project 21, the national network of black conservatives. Arps — who was interviewed on TheBlaze TV's Real News concerning the violence that followed Brown's fatal shooting in Ferguson — offered this stark assessment of the War on Poverty earlier this year:

"The War on Poverty has arguably destroyed the black nuclear family. Roughly 75 percent of black children were born to a married two-parent family when the 'war' began in 1964. By 2008, the percentage of black babies born out of wedlock numbered over 72 percent. Today, the rate of unwed motherhood in the black community is more than twice as high as among whites — and almost three times higher than before big government's grand intervention."

Nugent signed off with these words: "Liberalism is a lie. Liberalism is a scam. Liberalism is a killer."

Read the entire column here.

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