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Video: The Stunning End to an International Road Rage Incident That Left the Female Passenger Screaming for Help

(Image source: YouTube)

James George Palin caught a bad case of road rage while driving his motorcycle in Singapore on Nov. 16, 2013, an incident which resulted in him punching and shattering one window of a car and a jail sentence. And now video of the incident is starting to circulate.

Palin, a Briton who was in Singapore working as the regional director for a recruitment company, was traveling along Tanjong Katong road when he hit the back bumper of the car in front of him and kept driving. The car was being driven by Chiang Pak Chien, a legal officer. Chen's then-girlfriend and now-wife, Valerie Tan Hsu Phen, was riding in the passenger seat.

Palin passed Chien and braked right in front of him. Palin then got off of his motorcycle and punched the passenger side window of the Volkswagen vehicle. Palin then got back on his motorcycle and left.

Watch as this stunning incident unfolds:

Chien and Phen were reported to have both suffered cuts.

Palin's lawyer said he still insists that Chien bumped into him first. Palin did, however, offer to pay for the couple's medical bills and damage to the vehicle. But District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim called Palin's actions "excessive," Human Resources reported. The judge sentenced Palin to three weeks in prison, which Palin appealed.

Palin is on sabbatical from his recruiting job, according to his LinkedIn profile, Human Resources reported. He is currently out on $15,000 bail.

(H/T: Human Resources)

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