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Woman Who Was Once a Quadriplegic Claims Prayer and 'Miracles' Have Transformed Her Life in Unbelievable Ways


"It was the most miraculous moment I've ever experienced in my entire life."

Liz Mitchell has continued to defy the odds. Just two years after a tragic fall left her paralyzed and unable to move from the neck down, she's miraculously walking again — and is expecting her first child.

"I cannot believe it. It is such a miracle," the Texas woman recently told WFAA-TV. "It seems like a dream."

Mitchell's life took a dramatic turn in 2012 when she fell off of a balcony, landed on her head and was in a medically induced coma for nearly a week. When she awoke, she learned that she was a quadriplegic, according to the Christian Post.

"I went from a 32-year-old woman that was healthy, having a boyfriend who never really saw me with a hair out of place, to lying in a bed in a diaper," Mitchell recently told WFAA-TV of the dramatic change.

Watch her tell the story below:

While she had everything she wanted before the life-altering injury — a caring boyfriend who is now her husband, health and success — Mitchell said that she now realizes she wasn't grateful.

But following her harrowing journey, her perspective has changed.

"Before I seemingly had everything, I was successful and healthy, and from an outsider, it looked like I had everything. But I wasn't grateful, I never said 'thank you,'" she told WFAA-TV. "One day you wake up and you have a breathing tube in and you can't move a muscle ... you realize the body that you thought was so important and defined who you were is useless."

She credits her now-husband Bryan for supporting her and challenging her to rehabilitate. While she struggled to cope with her injuries, he stayed by her side, encouraging her along the way.

One night when Mitchell was at her lowest point of despair, Bryan appealed to God, pleading for deliverance.

"I lowered my head and I said a prayer," he told the outlet. "It was the most heartfelt prayer I've ever said."

Then, something profound happened. After that prayer, Bryan once again challenged Liz to move her legs as he had done numerous times in the past. And — to both of their glee and surprise — she was able to do just that.

"It was the most miraculous moment I've ever experienced in my entire life," Bryan said.

After extensive therapy, Mitchell — who still can't feel temperature or pressure from the neck down — learned to walk again. She later married Bryan, and is expecting her first child.

Considering that her reproductive system wasn't working, she says it's all a miraculous development — one that she's incredibly grateful for. While the pregnancy is being monitored closely, everything is progressing positively.

(H/T: Christian Post)

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