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Blaze poll: Should air travel to and from Ebola-stricken countries be blocked?


The deadly Ebola virus -- how to stop it from circling the globe and killing millions of people has become quite a hot topic. Opinions on how to prevent the disease from spreading beyond Africa are varied, but restricting flights is one leading option.

  • Many in Congress -- including Senator Ted Cruz are wondering if similar action should be taken by airlines in the U.S.

Despite the concerns and public outcry, on Friday, the White House said banning flights between the U.S. and the region could hurt efforts to contain and fight the outbreak.

On TheBlaze Radio's Pure Opelka, Board Certified Internal Medicine doctor Jorge Rodriguez, MD suggested the U.S. test all passengers on every flight originating from outside of the country.

Listen to the clip here. (Dr. Jorge joins the show at the 7:00 mark.)

What do you think? Should passenger travel in and out of countries with Ebola outbreaks be halted?

Take the poll.

For complete coverage of the Ebola virus, visit TheBlaze's Ebola Outbreak page.


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