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'Dear Atheists...': Blaze Readers React to ‘Historical’ Claim About Jesus and the Bible That Would Throw Christianity Into a Tailspin


"You know, for not believing in Jesus, this guy sure writes a LOT about Jesus."

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TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about an article in Free Inquiry, a magazine produced by the Council for Secular Humanism, arguing that Jesus was a mythical figure who never walked the Earth.

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In “The Fable of the Christ,” author Michael Paulkovich writes that he found no mention of Christ when exploring the works of 126 writers who lived during the first to third centuries.

He also claims Christians invented Jesus to have an object of worship.

Paulkovich also wrote a book expressing similar thoughts called “No Meek Messiah.”

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about Paulkovich’s claims:


Um...(raises hand). There ARE actual Roman writings that DO mention Jesus. Philo and Josephus mention a man named Jesus; Tacitus talked about Jesus and his followers. Also please remember Christianity was outlawed for quite some time in early Rome. Any believers were tagged as outlaws. So, of course, no one wanted to take a stab at it, which is why there aren't a lot of writings. If Caesar says, 'No writings on the followers of Jesus,' guess what? You don’t do it, period. GRRR! It drives me bonkers when these so-called historians refuse to acknowledge what was going on during Roman times and just blow smoke to justify something. Come on! Why can’t these people think?


I have read many current authors, none of whom mentioned Michael Paulkovich.

Thus I have proven he does not exist and was made up by secular humanist so they could have someone to worship…


Dear atheists...

If there is no God, why do you spend so much time and effort to deny him?

What has you so worried?

What do you care what other people believe?

What business is that of yours?


A follower of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


How truly amazing.

A man who "never walked the earth" remains the most identified entity in the history of this planet.


Funny how these people make these wild assertions in spite of the overwhelming eyewitness accounts and even the non-biblical references to Jesus by Roman historians and others of Jesus' time. Beyond that, why is it they never deny the existence of John the Baptist, Peter and the disciples, Herod, Pilate — but it’s always about Jesus? Because he is the stumbling block for their sin and if only they could do away with Jesus, they wouldn’t feel guilt for their sin. That is the real issue. If there was no Jesus then the Messiah has not come and we would still be in our sin because no sacrifice would have been given on behalf of those who have believed on his name. “Blessed are those who believe in Jesus and yet have not seen him.” John 20:26-29


I could list a hundreds of people who did not mention Jesus, from Ayn Rand to Dr Seuss. But 40 people DID document what someone named Jesus did and said. I choose to believe the 40.


It doesn’t matter to me what this man says. He’s just looking for his five minutes of fame.

No matter what kind of "facts" he may present, he cannot see that all of his "facts" cannot refute the One with whom I experience every day.


Faith is a matter of belief, not scientific fact. As a Christian I believe that Christ walked the earth and preformed the miracles attributed to him. If this author chooses to deny Christ’s existence, so be it. In the end, either I am wrong (no harm done) or he is wrong (sucks to be him).

One more thing I noticed: he left out a simple fact that Jesus is mentioned in the Qur’an many times. So, if Jesus did not exist, then not only is the Bible full of lies… the Qur’an is also full of lies. Let's send Mr. Paulkovich to the Middle East and have him tell all the Muslims that their Holy Book is a pack of lies.


Guy could be right…

Since none of us were alive back then, we don’t know how Christianity started…. Unfortunately documentation back then was not as good as today, so it is near impossible to discern between truth and fiction… And since early on, the places that made books were monasteries (and let's face it: they would have to be biased if the story was not true). So it's possible that it all was a fable that picked up and gained traction…

As I have always said.. they call it “faith” because it can’t be proven… You either believe in it, or you don’t… But until the end, NONE of us will know with 100% certainty. And if you claim you do, you’re just too blinded by faith to see reality…

I believe in God (something had to set it all into motion), but I have a hard time believing anything mankind (and its religions) says…. Only a fool takes EVERYTHING at its word without looking for proof…

Don’t give up your faith people, but keep your minds open to the possibility that it was all made up… Christianity had a violent march in its younger days (just like Islam today, and we know that Islam is a “made up” religion) so it’s entirely possible that Christianity could have had similar origins…


You know, for not believing in Jesus, this guy sure writes a LOT about Jesus.


It does not matter if anyone at all ever mentioned CHRIST.

I KNOW in my heart that he existed.

It’s called FAITH.

Once you have accepted CHRIST, there is literally NOTHING that can make you change your mind.

CHRIST becomes a part of your very being.

I can no more deny Christ than I could deny I am a human.

It just is not possible.



When one starts with a preconception, one will find a way to prove it.


There is evidence pointing to Jesus being just a myth. Even the Bible admits that Paul, the man most responsible for bringing Christianity to the gentiles, never met Jesus when Jesus allegedly walked the Earth. And in Paul’s writings he never mentions specific events in the Gospels such as the virgin birth, walking on water, etc. The earliest book of the New Testament, The Book of Mark, doesn’t mention a virgin birth (it starts with Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist). Just because the writers of the Gospel have Jesus living in a particular time and place doesn’t make it true. The Siege of Troy really happened but that doesn’t mean that the Greek Gods are real.

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