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My Civil Rights Were Just Thrown Out the Window': Family Sues Police After Window-Smashing Encounter Caught on Video


"I'm really in a state of shock."

Image via NBC News

She was pulled over and ticketed for not wearing a seat belt.

He was sitting in the passenger seat, and when cops asked for his ID, he said he didn't have it.

Image via NBC News Image via NBC News

What happened next has led the family to file a lawsuit against the cops in Hammond, Indiana — and one of the kids in the backseat recorded the violent encounter.

Lisa Mahone, her boyfriend Jamal Jones and her two children were driving through Hammond on Sept. 24 when the incident occurred, NBC News reported.

"It felt like my civil rights were just thrown out the window, along with my body," Jones said at a Tuesday news conference, during which the family announced their intent to sue.

After a protracted argument, police smashed the car window and dragged Jones out, shooting him with a Taser in the process.

Image via NBC News Image via NBC News

On Tuesday, Mahone said, "I'm really in a state of shock," since the incident.

The Hammond police had their own take on the situation:

Police officers who make legal traffic stops are allowed to ask passengers inside of a stopped vehicle for identification and to request that they exit a stopped vehicle for the officer's safety without a requirement of reasonable suspicion. When the passenger displayed movements inside of the stopped vehicle that included placing his hand in places where the officer could not see, officers' concerns for their safety were heightened.

Watch Jones discuss the encounter below.

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