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'Ummmmm…': Senate Dem stumbles when asked whether Obama's response to Ebola is sufficient


Sen. Mark Pryor, a second-term Democrat from Arkansas, stumbled badly this week when he admitted he isn't sure whether the Obama administration has done enough to protect Americans from Ebola, because he hadn't been briefed lately.

"Ummmm… I would say that it's hard to know because I haven't heard the latest briefing on that to know…" Pryor told a CNBC reporter in a video posted Tuesday.

But Pryor did indicate that he reads the paper, and that his impression is the administration is doing some good things.

"My impression is that we have people over there both from CDC and other medical type people and even some engineers to try to build, you know, medical facilities," he said. "That's what they need over there."

When asked if those steps were aggressive enough, Pryor declined again to say for sure.

"Ummmm, again I'd have to see the latest numbers," he said.

The reporter later said to the hosts of Morning Joe that, "I thought he would have a yes or know answer."

Pryor is in an election battle with Rep. Tom Cotton (R ), who has led Pryor by a few points since the middle of the summer.

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