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MMA Fighter Warns 'Google Me, B***h!' Before Fists Start Flying in Bar Fight. He Was in for a Big Surprise.


"Holy crap. Could I be that guy?"

Gibson, left, tries to warn the other bar patron about who he is. (Image source: Live Leak)

UFC bantamweight Cody "The Renegade" Gibson decided to spend some extra time in Las Vegas after losing a match and one night found himself at a downtown bar — and in the middle of an altercation he hadn't bargained for.

Gibson got into an argument with a fellow patron. Once it escalated, someone flipped on a video camera — and Gibson can be seen squaring off with what appears to be a taller, bigger guy.

Gibson's adversary struck first, pushing Gibson out of frame. After moving back into the mix and holding up his fists, the 27-year-old UFC star warned his foe, "Google me, bitch!"

Gibson, left, tries to warn the other bar patron about who he is. (Image source: Live Leak) Gibson, left, tried to warn the other bar patron who he is. (Image source: Live Leak)

Instead, the guy punched Gibson in the face, after which Gibson appeared to stumble backward — but he apparently didn't hit the ground as has been reported elsewhere, TMZ said.

Image source: Live Leak Image source: Live Leak

Gibson then tackled the patron, who appeared to throw a few more punches before the pair were separated and relative calm was restored.

Image source: Live Leak Image source: Live Leak

No arrests were reported, according to TMZ.

Gibson, speaking about last week's incident to Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown," said he regrets the entire episode.

“When I woke up this morning, I definitely had that pit in the bottom of my stomach, like, ‘Holy crap. Could I be that guy?’ You know, who gets fired over some stupid stuff,” Gibson said during the interview.

While Gibson admitted to being intoxicated at the time, Sherdog Radio noted, he said he told his assailant "two or three times" that he didn't want to fight.

Gibson — who's trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing and Muay Thai fighting, according to TMZ — said he got irritated and finally told the guy who he was.

And that "was probably the worst idea, because then, after that, I feel like he really wanted to fight. And then, yeah, man, one thing led to another …[it’s] definitely not something I’m proud of," he said.

“When he punched me, luckily I didn’t start throwing punches. Luckily, I just shot the takedown and his buddies kind of grabbed on to me, and it was done by that point. I’m actually fortunate that it kind of ended the way it did," Gibson added. "Had I beat the hell out of him or something, I think it could be a whole lot worse situation."

Gibson said he believes things are "OK" with the UFC in regard to the incident, based on talks his management has had with the organization, Sherdog Radio reported.

Gibson, left, doing battle in a way he prefers. (Image source: YouTube) Gibson, left, doing battle in a way he prefers. (Image source: YouTube)

But of equal concern are the students Gibson coaches in wrestling at Mt. Whitney High School in Visalia, California. The MMA fighter said he wants to talk to them about the incident.

“Especially in my community, I’m definitely a role model," Gibson told SherDog Radio. "This is not the message I want to give to the kids.”

In the future, Gibson said, he'll do his best to just "walk away to the best of my ability."

“Looking back on it, it’s definitely not going to be a highlight of my career," he said. Listen to the interview here.

Here's the clip of the scuffle Live Leak; Gibson is to the left in a dark shirt and the other guy is dressed in a blue shirt. (Content warning: some rough language):

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