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Fox News Host's Comparison Between Christianity and Islam During Fiery Debate Over Extremism: 'In Islam It Is…Behead and Kill Gays\


"What are you worried that Sharia law is going to come to the United States any minute — they're going to take over the country?"

Fox News hosts Andrea Tantaros and Alan Colmes clashed over the Islamic State and radical Islam during a fiery segment on "The O'Reilly Factor" Thursday night, with Colmes repeating his claim that the terror group doesn't present a direct threat to the United States.

The exchange — which focused on the debate over Michael Eric Dyson's recent comments about Christianity and Islam — heated up when Tantaros asked Colmes to clarify whether he believes the Islamic State is a direct threat to America.

"No … it's a regional threat," the liberal commentator responded.

Tantaros, who appeared visibly surprised by his stance, then asked Colmes more broadly whether he believes "radical Islam is a threat to the United States," to which he responded, "Absolutely not."

"What are you worried that Shariah law is going to come to the United States any minute — they're going to take over the country?," Colmes sarcastically poked. "The caliphate is going to come here. Is that what you're concerned about, Andrea?"

From there, Tantaros drew a comparison between Christianity and Islam, seizing upon Dyson's claim that "a lot of terrorism [is] going on and being promoted" among certain radical Christian groups.

"Michael Eric Dyson was trying to say that Christians are homophobes. Well, you know what the difference is?" she said. "Love the sinner hate the sin. However, in Islam it is to behead and kill gays — very different than Christians."

These comments angered Colmes, who said that Tantaros was being inaccurate and questioned if her assessment is what she truly believes Islam stands for.

"I'm just telling you what Shariah law stands for," she responded.

Watch the fiery debate below:

Colmes went on to address Christian acts extremism in America as well, though he said that certain act of violence against abortion clinics, among other incidents, aren't representative of Christianity as a whole.

"Muslims are not coming to get us as you're suggesting and this kind of hysteria based on isolated incidents is bad for the country," he added.

(H/T: Fox Nation)

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