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Abolish the IRS? A New Documentary Says It Can be Done and Replaced With a 'Fair Tax


"An income tax is plank No. 2 of the Communist Manifesto."

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"Unfair: Exposing The IRS," a new documentary hitting theaters for just one night on Tuesday, October 14, explores the rampant abuses of the Internal Revenue Service.

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The 1:20 film details the well-known story of the IRS targeting of conservative groups, but there are more abuses exposed. "Unfair" highlights a relatively unknown problem experienced by parents who adopt children from outside of the country, harassment of groups like the American Legion, and certain religious organizations.

In addition to pointing out the overreaching actions of the agency, the film also hopes to jump-start a movement to abolish the bloated agency and replace it with a "fair tax."

On Friday's edition of "The Morning Blaze" on TheBlaze Radio, the film's narrator and producer, Craig Bergman spoke with Mike Opelka about the film, the variety of IRS abuses and explained the difference between a fair tax and a flat tax.

The interview with Craig Bergman starts at the 50:00 mark of the show.

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Watch the trailer for "Unfair."


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