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He Allegedly Terrorized a Small Town for a Week. Guess Why He Said the Only Part He Remembered Was a Drive-Thru Trip.


A "spiritual journey."

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This guy's story ranks among the great drug-addled tales of Tom WolfeHunter S. Thompson and Philip K. Dick.

George Jacobson, 23, is facing criminal charges after allegedly bouncing around the small town of Roy, Washington, for an entire week, invading homes, stealing things and making weird demands at gunpoint, KCPQ-TV reported.

He told police he was on acid the whole time.

Rural area outside Roy, Washington where alleged acid trip burglaries took place. (Image via Google Maps) The rural area outside Roy, Washington where much of the alleged acid trip shenanigans took place. (Image via Google Maps)

It's not clear when it all began, but police started receiving calls about Jacobson back on Sept. 26, when a local homeowner reported finding a man — whom he later identified as Jacobson — hanging out in his barn, holding a single black rubber boot.

That homeowner threatened to "sic his dogs" on Jacobson, KCPQ reported, so Jacobson booked it over to the neighboring home, which he entered.

A woman was home, and Jacobson apparently pulled a gun on her and demanded that she make him a sandwich, all the while babbling about her "mean neighbor."

He also reportedly told her that the black rubber boot "contained his jewels,” and that he was on a “spiritual journey.”

When the woman's husband returned home, the couple convinced Jacobson to leave peacefully before discovering that he had apparently stolen a handgun from their home.

Jacobson popped back onto police radar on Oct. 3, KCPQ noted, when he was allegedly spotted breaking into a car.

It seems that he didn't steal stuff from the car, but instead left a bunch of knives inside the vehicle.

Later that day, he was reportedly found inside another home, holding the homeowner's wallet and keys, which he then used to steal and crash the homeowner's Honda.

Police were called to the scene of that crash, but Jacobson wasn't quite finished with the people of Roy.

After the crash, KCPQ reported, Jacobson allegedly entered yet another home and, brandishing a gun, demanded something from the homeowner: a ride to McDonald's.

Image via Tanjila Ahmed/flickr Image via Tanjila Ahmed/flickr

The homeowner did as Jacobson allegedly asked, taking him through a McDonald's drive-thru for a soda.

Jacobson was arrested soon after the homeowner dropped him off in Rainier, Washington.

Jacobson, who was high at the time of his arrest, reportedly told police that he “prefers meth” but that he had been on acid for the past week, on a “bad trip,” and that he barely remembered anything besides the "nice man" who took him to McDonald's.

Jacobson's charges include robbery, kidnapping burglary and theft of a firearm, KCPQ reported, and he's being held in the Pierce County Jail.

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