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Beck says the CDC rushed to 'blame the victim' in latest Ebola case for a very simple reason

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 13, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Monday reacted to the news that Texas now has a second confirmed case of Ebola. The patient is reportedly a nurse who was involved in the treatment of Thomas Eric Duncan, who died last week from the disease.

"They don't know how she was exposed, but what they're now saying is, 'It was her fault,'" Beck said on his radio program. "Wait, when you tell us how she got it, well then maybe you can blame the victim. ... That's like blaming the woman for rape. When you don't know, what do you say we don't blame her? What do you say we say 'we don't know' and until we do, we assume the suit doesn't work?"

"The reason why they're not doing that is because they don't want you to panic," Beck said. "So let's just say we start to see how viral this thing perhaps is. Hopefully it's not. But if we start to see this thing spread, how long before a few things start to happen? ... How long before the doctors and nurses say, '[The] CDC and our hospitals are not equipped, and until they get serious, I'm not going in there because they're going to blame me for getting it!'"

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 13, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 13, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"Second thing," Beck continued. "We've seen that there is a possible cure and it's in San Diego. The president should be right now fast tracking that serum to make sure that we can get enough of that and stop this. That serum should be in the hospitals here in America. That woman should be on that serum today. Why is she not on that serum? Now, we know it's really hard to make. It's in early stages. [But] the president should be giving a speech right now ... saying, 'I'm fast tracking this serum and we're pouring all the resources we can into this research to make sure we can make enough.'"

Beck said if the president doesn't make it clear that ZMapp is being fast-tracked -- and the government continues to blame those who contracted Ebola -- people are going to become uneasy about going to hospitals.

"Nobody knows how it's spread and there's no cure for it. So I'm not going into the hospital because I don't want to get something that I don't currently have," Beck said. "So paranoia starts to go. Another thing happens. ... If she dies and we're not putting the cure in her, what that means to people is, 'You get it, you die.' Well, why would I go to the doctor? So if you have a fever ... and you think you might have it, you're going to shut your mouth. You're going the deny that you have it because it will be a natural thing to go into a normalcy bias. 'No, it's just a normal cold...'"

"You've got to fast track the cure," Beck remarked. "And you have to close the ... flights out of West Africa."

Beck said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is out of his mind to try to keep a dog that may have been exposed to Ebola alive.

"You can't keep the dog alive. Dogs are carriers of this," Beck said. "There's a good chance this dog has the Ebola virus and could spread the Ebola virus. What are we, insane?"

"Don't answer that question, because we know the answer to the question," Beck concluded. "In America, the answer to the question is, 'Yes, we're full-fledged, out of our minds nuts.'"

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