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Make Way: This Is What It Looks Like to Move a 4,500-Square-Foot House in One Piece


"I think somebody is crazy."

Image source: MLive

David Heylmun thought the seven-bedroom, 4,500-square-foot rambler with a three-car garage was perfect for him ... except one thing: It was in the wrong location.

The home that sat empty for years was a few miles away from where Heylmun actually wanted to live. If you think that made him give up his dream home in Michigan though, you're mistaken.

Heylmun had the home lifted and moved on wheels to his new, preferred location over the weekend, according to the Muskegon Chronicle.

Image source: MLive Image source: MLive

"It's a beautiful house. It's breathtaking. It's been vacant for years, but the condition of the house is immaculate," Heylmun told the newspaper. "I just didn't want to see it torn down. I wanted to save this house from demolition."

While just lifting the home was a feat in and of itself, several other hurdles had to be overcome for the homestead's transport as well. According to the newspaper, some trees required a trimming, street signs along the way had to be removed, and power lines and street lights were lifted out of the way. The whole process started at 8 a.m. Sunday and was complete by 7 p.m. that evening.

Image source: MLive Image source: MLive

Image source: MLive Image source: MLive

Watch this footage of the house on the move:

It took several years of planning to finally move the house nearly three miles from its original location and cost Heylmun around $70,000, according to WXMI-TV. The cost wasn't just for the transportation of the house, but for closing of roads and overtime pay for police officers as well.

Those who were in the area to witness the big move were stunned.

Image source: WXMI-TV Image source: WXMI-TV

"I think somebody is crazy, quite frankly," one man told WXMI with a laugh.

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