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High Schoolers' Scavenger Hunt List Included Dancing on a Grave and Defecating on a Doorstep — For Starters


“Some of those things are crimes that they are doing on that list.”

Image source: WCBS-TV

A scavenger hunt typically elicits good, clean fun as participants scour the landscape for harmless, hysterical items.

But a group of high school seniors from Long Island, New York, allegedly had a different kind of scavenger hunt in mind over the weekend.

The alleged list obtained by the Sachem Patch details tasks for Sachem East seniors to carry out, all grouped by point values. A few are harmless (e.g., drinking a shot of espresso, getting 25 cents worth of gas) but most involve suggestions for sexual acts, alcohol consumption, theft, vandalism, and even defecating on a doorstep.

Image source: WCBS-TV Image source: WCBS-TV

The hunt reportedly took place Sunday night and “created havoc all through the town” of Farmingville, a resident told the Patch in a separate story.

Sachem East Principal Lou Antonetti told the Patch he was “speechless” when he read the list, adding that the hunt was “definitely not a school sponsored event.”

“It’s not the way we want we want our students represented in the community,” Antonetti told Patch.

While some believe the scavenger hunt list is a hoax, apparent references to it appear on the Twitter account @SachemSeniors, WABC-TV reported — and police received reports of a stolen mailbox and cemetery vandalism over the weekend, WCBS-TV said.

Indeed four Civil War-era headstones were damaged and American flags were strewn across the grounds at historic Lake Ronkonkoma Cemetery, WCBS said.

Image source: WCBS-TV Image source: WCBS-TV

“They’re laying here for eternity and someone comes and kicks over a grave or desecrates an American flag,” Suffolk County legislator Tom Muratore told the station. “Some of those things are crimes that they are doing on that list.”

Two of the items on the list included “steal a mailbox” and “dance on grave.”

Sachem East student government leaders offered to clean up the damage, WCBS said, but told cemetery trustees that if fellow students are guilty, they don't represent the majority of students at the high school.

The superintendent of the Sachem School District told WABC that students who may have participated in the hunt won't be identified because it wasn't a school sanctioned activity.

Meanwhile the TV news reporter behind the WABC segment on the scavenger hunt list said students bullied her with "disgusting" comments on social media on the heels of her story.

“Today I got a very good taste of what it’s like to be bullied in high school via social media and do I feel bad for kids,” Kristin Thorne wrote on her Facebook page Tuesday, according to another article by the Sachem Patch. “A bunch of students at Sachem East High School were not too happy with my story. The things they’ve written about me on Twitter are disgusting.”

While Thorne's comments about students' bullying don't show up on her Facebook page or on her Twitter account, the Sachem Patch noted one of the messages directed at the reporter said, "(Direct message) me nudes and I'll tell you everything."

Some more recent messages directed at Thorne include, "Take your tampon out @KristinThorne and shut up," "LOL YOU'RE LITERALLY SCUM OF THE EARTH. PLEASE RETWEET!" and "@KristinThorne dm me I have a story for you."

“Thank goodness I’m older and wiser and can laugh at it but it makes you think if they have no respect for people older than them what they treat their peers like,” Thorne wrote on Facebook, according to Patch. “So much for all this anti-bullying stuff. It’s a scary world and I’m sad that my kids have to live in it.”

Despite the comments directed at Thorne, others seemed more concerned that the reporter contacted several students on Twitter before her story ran.

“I saw her tweeting at children, following them on Twitter then asking for them to follow her back so she can message them privately,” Sachem North teacher Jonathan Chiaramonte commented on Thorne’s Facebook post, according to Patch. “That is highly inappropriate.”

The following are the activities on the scavenger hunt list, according to Patch:

10 points

  • Shot gun a beer
  • Hit 100 mph
  • Ask to put 25 cents in gas
  • Shot of expresso at dunkin
  • Sniff salt
  • Steal a gnome
  • Steal a restaurant menu
  • Hold a teammates parents

20 points

  • Run through a white fence
  • Steal a mailbox
  • Ceran wrap someone’s car
  • Take someones lawn furniture and put it on the neighbors lawn
  • Funnel a loko

30 points

  • Knock everything off of a shelf
  • Make an announcement [unreadable} speaker
  • Dance on a grave
  • Get an old man to give the finger
  • 3 way kiss
  • Girl kiss a girl
  • Get service without shoes and a shirt
  • Take a [defecate] on norths football field
  • Run red light

40 points

  • Hook up with a freshman
  • Go in the summerfield pond naked
  • Sign a strangers butt
  • Have a stranger sign your butt
  • Steal a bowling ball
  • Get a pictured behind a bar
  • Hook up with an ex
  • Give a teammate a swirlie
  • Boy must shave full leg
  • Steal a street sign
  • Put road kill in bag
  • 10 shots in 10 seconds
  • Lick bathroom floor in applebees
  • Swallow a small rock

50 points

  • Eat a random persons food at applebees
  • Hook up with a stranger
  • Receive [sex act] on sachem east ground
  • Dance on a counter
  • Get everyone in a restaurant to raise both hands
  • [Defecate] on someones door step

Here's a report from WCBS

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