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Why a Cop Who Got Fired for Sleeping on the Job Was Just Awarded Nearly $1 Million


A judgment orders the city to pay $921,657.

Image source: AP

A federal jury awarded a former police officer who was fired after he being found sleeping on duty almost $1 million in wages and damages — the officer contended he was discriminated against because of a sleep apnea disorder.

Image source: AP Image source: AP

Matthew B. Michaels alleged the city of McPherson, Kansas, violated his civil rights, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act and the Kansas Wage Payment Act, the McPherson Sentinel reported. He was fired from the McPherson Police Department in July 2012.

A judgment orders the city to pay $921,657 — plus interest, court costs and attorney’s fees, the Sentinel noted. That amount includes back and future wages along with damages for pain and suffering.

Michaels also said he was denied a “name clearing hearing” after his firing, that the city interfered with one day of family medical leave, and he was denied four days of vacation, the paper reported.

McPherson has filed a number of motions, including one that asks a judge to throw out the jury’s verdict. If that doesn't work out an appeal is possible as well, City Attorney Jeff Houston told the Sentinel.

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