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Ebola Isn’t the Only Thing Out There: Watch Disease Outbreaks Pop Up in Near Real Time


"Terrorism and other suspicious events."

Image source: Global Incident Map

While Ebola might be getting most of the attention in terms of an outbreak these days, there are countless other diseases worldwide going on at the same time.

This Global Incidents Map shows near real-time outbreak reports of everything from salmonella and meningitis to malaria and various strains of the flu, among many other diseases and infections.

Image source: Global Incident Map Image source: Global Incident Map

In North America, the most prominent illness being reported is H1N1, commonly known as the swine flu.

Image source: Global Incident Map Image source: Global Incident Map

On a larger scale, the Global Incident Map can display reports of "terrorism and other suspicious events." Categories include Amber Alerts, hazmat situations, gang activity, border security and presidential threats to name a few.

The Global Incident Map considers itself a small business and says that it has "no government or other outside funding." According to its subscriber page, the map serves federal agencies, U.S. military and law enforcement, the intelligence community, companies and foreign governments.

For more information about outbreaks in your area and around the world, check out the interactive map on the Global Incident Map website.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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