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Epic New Video Shows Green Berets Firing Heavy Weapons — in Slow Motion

Image source: YouTube

Watching some of the world's most powerful human-portable weapons up close is fascinating, but it's even more fascinating watching those weapons up close in slow motion.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

An incredible new video shows several of America's bravest men and women using high-technology military weaponry. The slow motion lets you see just how much of an impact they can have once they're fired. That's not to mention how awesome it is seeing fireballs form as the ammunition hits its target.

Check out this epic minute-and-a-half jaw-dropping montage. But remember: Don't try this at home.

Vickers Tactical took the video while spending a day with the Green Berets at the 251-square-mile Fort Bragg military base in North Carolina.

(H/T: Outdoor Hub)

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