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Think Your Halloween Outfit Is Inspired? Check Out These Innovative Wheelchair Costumes


"Every kid wants to be a part of Halloween."


The pressure of finding or making the perfect Halloween costume inspires some people to new levels of creativity.

There's one group that has not only met the challenge, but each year finds new ways to bring smiles and spark reactions from even the most jaded among us.

Witness a few of the classic wheelchair costumes from's "Halloween on Wheels":

The ice cream truck is one of the most popular designs.

Image: Image:

Batman and the Batmobile are also a favorite.

Image: Image:

Classic cartoons fans will recognize the car from "The Flintstones."

Image: Image:

Boats are also a popular design that fit over a wheelchair. This Viking ship comes complete with a fire-breathing dragon!

Image: Image:

In addition to the creativity needed to conceive and execute these special costumes, there is an inspiring and uplifting passion that is evident when you meet the parents and family members involved with these homemade creations.

Kelly Sommariva of KUSA-TV covered one such story from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Sommariva spent time with 6-year-old Jake Schell and his mom and stepdad. Jake has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, but that didn't stop his parents from trying to create Halloween costumes that would by the envy of his classmates.

In previous years, Andy Schell has designed and built a fire truck and a pirate ship that would disguise Jake's wheelchair. For 2014, Jake's chair has been transformed into a very impressive tank.

Image: KUSA Screen capture Image: KUSA Screen capture

Watch the story from KUSA:

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