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Blaze Poll: Would you watch a man get eaten alive by a giant snake? One cable channel is betting on it.


"We're gonna make me as appealing as possible."

Image: YouTube

If you watched daredevil Nik Wallenda walk a tightrope between skyscrapers in Chicago on Sunday night, you probably saw a promotional ad for an upcoming Discovery Channel special during the network's upcoming "Mega Week."

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

The promo was teasing a December 7 Discovery Channel special called "Eaten Alive." The short video showed a man in a protective suit about to be swallowed by an gigantic anaconda.

The man volunteering for the dangerous mission is Paul Rosolie, a filmmaker and naturalist. Rosolie wore a custom-built, "snake-proof" suit designed to withstand the anaconda's crushing pressure (estimated to be 90 pounds per inch).

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Rosolie and his crew ventured into the jungle, captured the snake and corralled it in an area. The filmmaker put on the suit and walked right up to the massive snake.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Obviously, Rosolie survived the encounter and Discovery will share the entire adventure on December 7. However, the program has also raised considerable debate, including an outcry from the animal rights group PETA.

In a statement released to the media, and citing animal cruelty, PETA has asked the Discovery Channel to pull the program, "whether it is a hoax or not."

At press time, Discovery has not responded to PETA.

How do you feel about the show? We invite you to take our Blaze Poll and add your comments below.

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