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Author Reveals 'World's Most Persecuted Minority' and Issues Dire Warning About What's Happening in North Africa and the Middle East


"I'm not talking about 'War on Christmas' type harassment..."

Prager University/YouTube

Author Raymond Ibrahim has produced a new video for Prager University that reveals what he says is the most "persecuted religious group in the world today."

Christians — mainly those living in Middle Eastern countries — face the harshest treatment at the hands of fundamentalist Muslims who, many times, torment and kill them simply because of their faith, according to Ibrahim.

"I'm not talking about 'War on Christmas' type harassment," he said in the new Prager University video. "I'm talking about, 'know your place or we're going to kill you persecution.'"

Prager University/YouTube Prager University/YouTube

The author said that 20 percent of the population in North Africa and the Middle East was Christian 100 years ago, but that the proportion has since decreased to just 4 percent.

"Muslims are rendering North Africa and the Middle East free of Christians," he said, noting that businesses have been torched, young girls have been abducted and acts of violence have been committed.

Ibrahim added, "Christians are being persecuted in Muslim countries, because they're Christians or, as the Koran puts it, infidels — that is non-Muslims who are regarded by many fundamentalist Muslims as inferior."

Watch him speak about the matter below:

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