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The Latest Effort to Enact 'Gun Control Without Legislation


"We want to use the power of the marketplace..."

A “coalition” of local police departments, municipalities and clergy members are pushing for a “form of gun control without legislation” by pressuring gun manufacturers to start utilizing controversial “smart” gun technology, CBS New York reports.

The advocacy coalition believes smart gun technology — which makes it so only the owner can fire the gun — and inventory tracking can help reduce gun violence.

(Image Source: Shotgunnews.com) (Image Source: Shotgunnews.com)

So far, 59 different jurisdictions have called on Glock and six other gun makers to “produce distribution records,” the report adds.

“We want to use the power of the marketplace, the power of the free market,” New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson said.

While the effort reportedly received a “warm reception” from Ruger, other big companies like Glock and Beretta were apparently not open to the drastic changes. CBS New York reports “military and police gun purchases make up almost half the $11.7 billion firearms industry in the U.S.”

Watch CBS New York’s full video report below:

As previously reported by TheBlaze, critics have argued smart gun technology needs further development and should not be regulated by the government.

In a previous appearance on TheBlaze TV, Frank Miniter, author of “The Future of the Gun, recalled a conversation he had with a smart gun technology developer.

“I interviewed one of the developers of one of the coolest new smart guns, the Intelligun, and he actually had a little meeting with [U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder] where he told Holder, ‘If you try to mandate my technology, I will burn it down,’” Miniter said.

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