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One Man in China Apparently Spent $85,000 on iPhones. Wait Until You See What He Did With Them.

Image via Weibo

The average man would never say to himself, "99 iPhone 6s make for a great marriage proposal!"

But this Chinese programmer was not the average man.

Image via Weibo Image via Weibo

As QQ Games reported, the Guangzhou-based programmer shelled out the equivalent of $85,000 buying 99 16-gigabyte iPhone 6s, which he then arranged in the shape of a heart for a public marriage proposal.

Image via Weibo Image via Weibo

Friends captured pictures of the bizarre spectacle — and reported that the young woman on the receiving end of the proposal did not say yes.

Image via Weibo Image via Weibo

Adding insult to the programmer's injury, QQ Games noted that the proposal came just before Nov. 11, which is "Singles' Day" in China.

(H/T: Kotaku)

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