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Beck Responds to Ed Schultz's Attempt to Use His Illness to Promote Obamacare: 'Sorry, Ed...


"It was a private center doing groundbreaking work for VETS -- that the VA won’t pay for -- that helped heal me."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program November 12, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

MSNBC's Ed Schultz on Tuesday attempted to use Glenn Beck's illness as a way to promote Obamacare, saying many people don't have insurance, so they wouldn't be able to receive the same type of care Beck did.

Beck issued a firm but kind response, saying it is important to "speak peace" and "speak the truth."

On his radio program Wednesday, Beck noted that the Carrick Brain Centers -- which treated him and veterans like Marcus Luttrell -- do not accept insurance because the government and insurance companies consider their methods too experimental.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program November 12, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program, Nov. 12, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck proceeded to read a response he posted on Ed Schultz's Facebook page:

Sorry Ed, it was a private center doing groundbreaking work for VETS -- that the VA won’t pay for -- that helped heal me.

It is private people like me that are gladly funding the research, because we feel it is our honor to serve and our responsibility to CHOOSE to serve our fellow men.

Talk with the doctors, or better yet, the patients I sat with in the therapy rooms. They will tell you all about public health and the VA.

If private care like this were not available, many like me and much worse may be dead. Private charity and private clinics pave the way on experimental treatment.

It is a rich blessing to us all that we live in a country where we can live side by side and so vehemently disagree and yet still be able to treat the other with respect.

We all have different paths and beliefs, but you can take the public route and I will choose private. It is only when I would force you to take my route that one should cry foul. Of course, that works in the other direction as well.

May God bless you and your team.

Beck said veteran after veteran is committing suicide in government-run health care, and it is "evil rich people" like him who are supporting facilities like the Carrick Brain Centers, which have an "unbelievable" record of treating veterans.

"This is the way it happens, Ed. When you have experimental stuff, the private market doesn't even want to do it," Beck said. "The private market says, 'Well, wait a minute. Hang on, no.' And the last one to give you this is the government."

Beck read the comments on Schultz's Facebook page before his response -- many of which were cheering on Beck's illness, or saying God or karma were punishing Beck for being so villainous -- before reading the subsequent comments.

"Bless you, Mr. Beck, and thank you for what you do for the fabric of our country," one commenter wrote. "I may not always agree with you, but you're one on the only voices left I trust."

Another added: "I'm currently under the health care of the government while I battle PTSD and depression. It's no wonder the suicide rate among veterans is so high. The quality of care government provides you makes you feel like no one cares at all ... Reading the comments of the section of Ed's post is concrete evidence that you are on the right path, Glenn. Love is what the world needs right now."

Beck noted how the comments "went from total hate" to love and understanding.

"Love is the answer," Beck said. "Just speak the truth, do so with compassion, and know that you're not going to change people's minds. I'm not going to change Ed Shultz's mind. I'm not going to try to change his mind. I am just going to speak peace. I'm going to speak the truth."

Beck said "good, reasonable people on both the left and the right" read these posts, and they run from combative, argumentative partisans.

"Go in as a peace-maker, speak your peace, speak it with kindness, love and empathy for everyone involved, then just retract," Beck suggested. "More of us [doing] that will be able to soften hearts. And we start by softening our own."

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