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Blaze poll: Do we need a maximum age limit on the presidency?


"It is stupid to bring up Hillary's age."

Does age matter when it comes to presidential candidates?

Our youngest president, John F. Kennedy was 43-years-old when he was elected. On the other end of the spectrum, Ronald Reagan was 16 days shy of his 70th birthday when he took over as commander-in-chief.

Both men are highly regarded, some might even say revered.

The 22nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution placed term limits on how many years someone can serve as president. There is also a minimum age of 35 required to hold the office. However, there is no maximum age restriction.

But looking ahead to the 2016 election, age has suddenly become a topic.

Earlier this year, as Hillary Clinton began to emerge as a frontrunner for Democrats, there were several opinion pieces on the subject of age, and age and gender as it related to presidential candidates.

In March, conservative commentator Michael Medved's USA Today opinion piece asked, "Is Hillary too old?" Medved pointed out, before Reagan, the last president to be elected and be older than 65, was William Henry Harrison -- and he died of pneumonia a month after his inauguration.

CNN/Daily Beast contributor David Frum wondered if it was "sexist" to talk about Hillary's age.

The National Journal also addressed Hillary's age in an April 23 piece from Stephanie Stamm and Patrick Reis, calling the comparisons to Reagan's age, "nonsensical."

Earlier this week, Mediate took note of Fox News' Neil Cavuto calling out Sen. Rand Paul for what he called a "condescending swipe" at Clinton's age.

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," co-host Mika Brzezinski said, "It is stupid to bring up Hillary's age":

The fact of the matter, if Democrats select Hillary Clinton and Republicans pick Mitt Romney to represent them in 2016, voters would be faced with choosing between two 69-year-old candidates (barring a competitive third party candidate).

So, we pose the question again: Does age matter when it comes to presidential candidates?

We invite you to participate in our Blaze poll on the topic and share your opinions in the comments section below:


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