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City Bans Abortion Clinics — but Not for the Reason You Might Be Thinking


"We want to be a peaceful city."

A Georgia city has unanimously passed a resolution banning abortion clinics — but not abortions themselves, as long as they occur at hospitals by licensed physicians, are ruled necessary to save the mother's life, and the babies wouldn't survive outside the womb.

Teddy Harris, the mayor of Rossville, Georgia, told city council members on Monday the measure was necessary to curtail "drama" that clinic protesters would otherwise bring.

"We want to be a peaceful city," Harris said, according to the Times Free Press, which reported there are no abortion clinics in town.

According to the newspaper, there were 19 abortion clinics in Georgia as of 2011. Ninety-six percent of Georgia counties don't have clinics.

"I just don't think [clinics] are appropriate for our city, " Harris said.

(H/T: Addicting Info)

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