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Golf's trick shot experts execute another 'epic' shot


"Go big or go home!"

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Brothers George and Wesley Bryan are well known to golf fanatics. The South Carolina-based Bryans have made a name for themselves by creating and executing some of the wildest golf trick shots the world has seen.

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For their latest trick, the guys wanted to see if Wesley could hit a golf ball in midair after George tossed it from inside a classic 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I that was circling -- "doing donuts."

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

A stunt driver was enlisted to circle Wesley at a high rate of speed in the Mustang.

George would lean out of the passenger window and lob a golf ball towards his brother.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

After three failed attempts, the car's engine began smoking and the driver and his crew decided they could handle one more try.

On the fourth and final effort, George not only made contact with the golf ball, he hit a drive that most golfers would be elated with.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Unfortunately, the car did not fare as well. Revving the engine at high speeds for a prolonged time, so the tires would spin in the dirt, destroyed the Mustang's engine. One of the people attending to the classic car announced, "We've blown a head gasket guys." Adding, "The engine's toast."

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

 Watch the full video.

To see more trick shot videos from the Bryan Brothers, visit their YouTube channel.


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