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After Four Pit Bulls Enter Neighbors' Yard and Kill a 10-Year-Old Beagle, Just Guess Who's Getting Sued


“I couldn’t believe it."

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TEXAS CITY, Texas (TheBlaze/AP) — In late October four pit bulls entered a neighbors' yard through a hole in a fence and killed a 10-year-old beagle named Bailey.

One of Bailey's owners told the Galveston County Daily News he didn't have the heart to take action against the pit bulls' owner Emerald White.

Image source: Shutterstock Image source: Shutterstock

“Everyone was telling me to sue her, but I decided not to because it won’t bring Bailey back," Steve Baker told the paper.

But White felt differently and decided to sue Bailey's owners — for $1 million.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Baker said.

White's lawsuit filed this week in Galveston County district court indicates she was "seriously injured" on Oct. 27 trying to stop the attack and retrieve her dogs. She said she suffered "multiple serious bite and scratch-type injuries" and accuses her neighbors of failing to securely confine and restrict Bailey.

The paper said White's attorney didn't respond to calls seeking comment.

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